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Advanced Technology

Thai Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art technology and high-quality products
Thai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. currently produces a full range of PVC products, including PVC pipes, flexible pipes, suction hoses, PVC fittings, solvent cement, cleaning solutions, PE pipes, PVC windows and doors, and roof guttering. This extensive product line has successfully satisfied market demand and contributed to the growth of the Thai economy. To produce high-quality products at a reasonable price, Thai Pipe has increased its production capacity by expanding its factories and installing hi-tech machinery from overseas.

Since its inception, Thai Pipe has consistently expanded its production capacity. The computerized Material Handling System, the latest technology imported from Waeschle, Germany, controls every step of the PVC production process. Raw materials are prepared and compounded for every PVC product before becoming part of the production processes. As part of the comprehensive quality control system, PVC dust pollution is kept to a minimum, ensuring that the surrounding environment is pristine and that costs are kept to minimum. Emergency alarms are activated automatically in the event of a breakdown or operational errors.

The Battenfeld Extruder, another sophisticated machine installed at the factory, can increase production capacity by four times. While more than 120 Injection Moulding Machines, also from leading brands, including the Extruder imported of Japan, can produce more than 400 types of fitting in a narrow time-frame.

In addition, handling facilities, such as the overhead crane, mould and die crane and conveyer belts, etc., have made the production process more efficient and reduced the number of workers needed. To support the business line expansion, Thai Pipe has begun producing HDPE pipe, pesticide hoses, and braided hoses reinforced with polyester cord.

Currently, both factories, with a total of 1,000 employees, boast a production output of approximately 240,000 tonnes per annum.