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Contributions To Society

Thai Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. contributions to society

Thai Pipe's products, initially launched in 1966 were still new to the Thai market then and therefore, not much used. Thai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. made great efforts in promoting the benefits of the PVC pipes and its wide range of applications. To this day, the company organizes various PR campaigns to promote awareness of the many uses of PVC pipes,such as:

- Lecturing on pipe joining techniques and other related issues for the government sector, state enterprises, the private sectors and schools.

- Providing opportunities for representatives from government sector, organisations, and academic institutions to visit the factories and enhance their knowledge and experience

- Organising seminars on PVC pipe fitting

- Organising workshops for plumbers throughout the country and increasing job opportunities for the general public.

- Producing a documentary on the fast-growing society, with Thai Pipe in the “Roi Reung Meung Siam ” program on TV
Apart from creating marketing benefits, these activities are also regarded as a social contribution in terms of enhancing knowledge and promoting new professions among the general public.