Solvent cement, cleaning solution and special tools & accessories for uPVC pipes

Thai Pipe solvent cement conforms to TIS.1032-2534 and can be used for both pressured and non-pressured piping. It is available in two type: low-viscosity NO.10 and high-viscosity HV. It comes in 50, 100, 200, 250 and 1,000 gramme containers.

Cleaning solution for removing oil crust before fitting. Available in one-liter size.

Pipe thread tape. Strong, tough, thick and available in a variety of lengths, it can be used in sealing all types of thread joint. Sizes range from 10 to 15 metres.

Drilling tools for PVC piping, used to drill and separate PVC pipes, with or without water pressure.

Beveler for PVC piping suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The PVC pipe beveler is used before fixing with solvent cement, and for facilitating and the fitting of smaller pipes.

Pipe cutters, especially for smaller PVC pipes. The pipe cutter can also be used for cutting other plastic pipes, such as PE pipes and PB pipes.

Hot air welding unit for thermoplastics is long lasting and highly efficient. Designed to save electricity, it is suitable for almost every type of thermoplastics, for repairing and production of PVC fitting in electrical and sanitary systems.

PVC welding rods are used for connecting PVC pipes together. There are three types of welding rod: single wire, twin wire and triangular-shaped wire. These are available in blue and grey colours.

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